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Our Vineyard

Croseo (Welcome) to Murmur y Môr, a name that gently evokes the “Whispers of the Sea,” nestled in the serene landscape above Tremadog Bay. Our vineyard, cradled against the Rhinog Mountains within Snowdonia National Park, is a testament to the timeless beauty of Harlech and the surrounding North Wales region.

Our journey to Murmur y Môr began with a simple curiosity about winemaking and viniculture, ignited by the rich and somewhat mysterious wine history of Wales—a history that traces back to Roman times, with whispers of earlier Celtic influences. In a land with just over 30 vineyards, we were captivated by the exceptional quality of Welsh wines, many paralleling the finesse of award-winning European sparkling wines. This revelation led us to ponder a significant question: Why is Welsh wine not more celebrated?

With more enthusiasm than expertise in winemaking—yet armed with a profound appreciation for fine wines—we embarked on this passion project. We have planted about 1,500 vines across five different varietals, eagerly anticipating what awaits.

While many inquire about commercial aspirations, our hearts are currently devoted to nurturing the Welsh land and our vines, savoring every moment of this incredible venture. Our commitment is not just to produce wine but to embrace and celebrate the journey of bringing these vines to life in the lush Welsh terrain.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure. Follow Murmur y Môr on social media and become part of our story as we explore the world of Welsh viticulture.

Lechyd da (cheers) to new beginnings and the whispers of the sea that guide our journey!

Warmly, Mark & Tabitha Lewis