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The top field is dedicated to Pinot Gris, Seyval Blanc and Solaris.

“Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful.” ~ Margrit Mondavi

Discover Our Varietals

1. Seyval Blanc

Embrace the crisp elegance of Seyval Blanc, our hybrid wonder. Thriving in cooler climates, this early-ripening varietal sings a citrusy melody, interwoven with a sophisticated minerality reminiscent of the esteemed white Burgundies. Its vines, both productive and resilient, yield a white wine that dances between refreshing zest and earthy complexity.

2. Pinot Noir Précoce

Meet the intriguing Pinot Noir Précoce, a mysterious variant of the classic Pinot Noir. Known for its earlier ripening, this dark, blue-black grape is a poetic expression of time and terroir. While some view it as a distinct variety, others see it as Pinot Noir’s precocious sibling. Regardless, the wines it produces are an enigmatic exploration of Pinot Noir’s depth, ripening under the gentle embrace of an earlier sun.

3. Solaris

Bask in the glow of Solaris, our sun-kissed treasure. This early ripening white grape varietal is a beacon of fruity and perfumed aromas, evoking hints of hazelnuts amid a balanced acidity. Aptly named for the sun, Solaris flourishes in cooler, less sunny regions, offering a burst of flavor that defies the odds of its terroir.

4. Pinot Gris

Delve into the diverse world of Pinot Gris, a varietal that paints a spectrum from golden yellow to copper, and sometimes a blush of pink. This Vitis vinifera grape is celebrated for its versatility in skin-contact wines, offering a tapestry of tastes and hues that intrigue and delight.

5. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, often hailed as the “noble grape” or “red burgundy.” This blue-tinged grape, originating from the storied vineyards of Burgundy, France, is a testament to the art of winemaking. As a notoriously temperamental varietal, Pinot Noir demands dedication and skill, yielding one of the key components of champagne style wines.

Join us in a journey of taste and discovery as we explore these remarkable varietals, each with its own story and distinct character. Savor the unique expressions of our vineyard, where (we hope) tradition meets innovation in every glass.